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At this point, our editors are probably rolling their eyes because they’ve seen this question thousands of times before. But the thing is, it’s still being asked by everyone who just got a shiny new car. And that’s normal. Cars look stunning when they’re brand new, and we’d like to keep it that way for as long as possible. However, most people don’t know how to properly clean their car and protect the paintwork simultaneously, which is why they often end up taking it to a professional carwash where harsh chemicals are used.

This brings us back to our initial question: what is the best way of cleaning your car? The easiest, most efficient, and cheapest way is to use a pressure washer like the ones made by Karcher. They’re relatively inexpensive (most cost between $100-$250), they get the job done quickly, and they don’t require much effort on your side. However, you should be extra careful when using a pressure washer because you can severely damage the car’s paintwork if you’re not careful.

Of course, there is another option – buying an electric or battery-powered vacuum cleaner and using it to clean out all the dirt from inside your car (dashboard, steering wheel, seats etc.). If you choose this approach, make sure you don’t forget about mats and carpets because they can get quite dirty, too. And while you’re at it, go to the nearest store and buy yourself a can of leather conditioner. Leather upholstery is very vulnerable and needs to be treated with care if you want your car’s interior to look good for as long as possible.

The last approach you could take is to use some regular water and microfiber towels, but your car will still get dirty, so you’ll have to make sure it gets washed on a regular basis.

I’ve recently bought myself an old Tesla (model S). I love the idea of not having to go to a gas station or a carwash to get rid of the dirt on my car. Can I do it by myself? What are the best ways of washing it?

You’re absolutely right – cleaning an electric vehicle doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially if you have some ample outdoor space where you can park the vehicle and use a pressure washer or a vacuum cleaner (there’s a picture in the post above). However, it doesn’t mean your car is completely protected from damage. As we’ve mentioned before, you should always use microfiber towels when cleaning your car and never forget about the rubber seals around the doors and windows because they can get quite dirty.

Over time, all that dirt will affect your car’s paintwork just like it does with traditional cars. That’s why you should always keep a can of wax in your garage and use it on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – even turtle wax will do the trick. We recommend using clay bars, too.

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