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The best way to fix a dent in a car is with a machine called a “pointless” dent repair tool. It’s also known as an auto body hammer. However, home remedies can be just as effective if you have patience and some time on your hand.

A hairdryer, hot glue & aluminum foil are your best tools to accomplish this task. When you have a small dent in your car, there are many ways to fix it. The dentist’s way is best but not practical for most people. What if I told you that you could easily remove the dent from your car with everyday household items?

A Dent Remover is a device that uses steam power to remove any dent from your car quickly. It works excellent on hail damage, minor dents, and creases in the metal. However, many people have also used this tool to fix significant door dings by using everyday household items like aluminum foil & a hairdryer. This DIY method will work for minor dents and creases in the metal.

What you need: aluminum foil, hair dryer, a suction cup dent remover (optional)

MacGyver fixed for car dents & hail damage

This DIY method will work for minor dents and creases in the metal. The best result you can expect is to lessen the visibility of the dent, not obliterate it. But since the cost is so low and it’s easy to do, I would say why not try? Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can quickly fix your car dent with aluminum foil & a hairdryer:

  1. Use Aluminum Foil. Fold some aluminum foil into a thin strip. Apply hot glue along with the dent and place the foil over it.
  2. Melt & Bang. Now grab a hairdryer, turn it on hot, and hold it close to the aluminum foil for 30-45 seconds. You will start seeing steam coming from beneath the aluminum foil when enough heat is applied to the dent. This is a MacGyver trick, as you will be using the heat from the hairdryer to melt the glue on the other side of the aluminum foil that is adhered to your car. The steam helps separate & loosen the bond between the dent and the glue used for repair. Now here comes one of two options: Option 1: you can just pull the aluminum foil hard, and the car dent or crease should come up with it. Option 2: if that doesn’t work, try pulling the foil in a different direction to see if you can get it to release from the glue on your car.
  3. Success. After you have released the metal at both sides of the dent, you can now see a perfect square of aluminum foil that was once hidden under a crease in your metal. Your car should look 100% better and hopefully good as new! This method is great for smaller dents & creases but will not work on huge door dings or larger panels

I hope you found this tutorial useful.

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