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Welding is an art that can be easy or intimidating, depending on whether you know what you’re doing. In this article from the Garage Journal, a man with a welding business out of his garage provides a beginner’s guide to welding.

A how-to guide for working with metals by using a variety of different welding techniques.

The article offers safety tips, tools to use, and different welding methods that are illustrated with helpful diagrams.

There are many reasons people gain access to a garage in their home, but they all share the common desire to turn it into something more than just a place for cars. An actual “man cave” or “garage workshop” is designed around the owner’s interest. For some, this means tinkering with cars; for others, it’s working on motorcycles; and for some men who live alone, it can even be a home office or gym.

Regardless of why you have access to a garage that you use as more than just a parking space, several projects can be done in your garage so you can get more out of the space. Here are some ideas to get you started.

DIY Welding Projects for Your Garage Workshop

If you’ve already got an engine hoist and other tools necessary for working on cars, then welding is one skill you should have. It can be extremely helpful when you need to fabricate or repair metal objects, and it requires a few fairly inexpensive tools.

Welding is an art that can be easy or intimidating, depending on whether you know what you’re doing. When done incorrectly, the result could not only look bad but also put you and others in danger (for example, if the welder’s mask is not worn). If you’ve never welded before, or it’s been a while since you tried your hand at it, here are some beginner welding projects that will get you started.

Metal Frame for Wooden Pallet Desk

If you’re looking for a project to add a rustic look to your garage and complement the other equipment you have, you might be interested in building a desk from wooden pallets. You can find inexpensive wooden pallets at your local home improvement store or even at a restaurant supply company.

Pallet desks are easy to build because no nails or screws are required; all you need is a metal frame. You can also add shelves on the bottom or on either side of the desk if you want more storage space.

Build Metal Frame First, build a metal frame like a square box with one end open and attach it to the underside of your wooden pallet desk (you’ll need help from another person for this step). You can use a metal frame from an old desk or even make one yourself from aluminum piping.

Add Wooden Pallet Top Next, add the wooden pallet top to your new desk by resting it on the metal frame and using a hammer to secure it in place.

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