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Fringe Scissors, Fabric, Hot glue gun, and sticks Fabric Primer

These are also great for other crafts, such as turning them into a fun headband! Just cut the edges of the fabric off instead.

Super easy to make, follow these steps below! The first thing you will need to do is find some sturdy material that you’d like to use. I prefer to use cotton canvas, commonly found at any fabric store!

Next, mark off about an inch from all the edges and cut it off. Then lay your fabric down smooth, face up-side-down on a flat surface. Using your primer, paint on a thin layer on one side of the fabric, followed by flipping it over and painting the opposite side!

Once you have painted both sides, flip your fabric back over to the original face-down position. Grab some fringe scissors, which are designed especially for cutting this type of material. Cut 3-inch strips of your scallop, edging around all the edges.

Now you’re almost done! Hot glue your scalloped edges to each side of the fabric, carefully positioning them one by one. Let it dry for 30 seconds before moving on to the next edge. Once you have glued them all down, cut off any excess fringe hanging past your pillow’s edges!

Now, turn your pillow right-side up & fill it with stuffing! Hand sew the opening closed by stitching all around. There you have it! Your very own DIY feather pillow for the beach or a softer pillow at home!!!

Decorate your house in style with this easy, cute project! Try using different colors of fabric and fringe scissors for a fun variety!

Sewing any excess fringe at the end of your pillow is very important. That way, you don’t hurt yourself on it while you’re sleeping or putting your face up to it! This should be done with all fabric that frays easily.

Be sure to make a small opening on the outside of your pillow so that you can fill it with stuffing! Just fold down a section and hand sew it shut. It makes it much more comfortable without the need for a zipper or buttons!

I do not recommend using super cheap fringe scissors that you bought from the dollar store. Do yourself a favor, and spend the extra couple bucks to buy some decent ones. They are much more comfortable in your hands when you cut for several hours!

Be careful not to burn yourself while using the hot glue gun! It’s simple; just let it heat up before use, then hold the trigger down for 10 seconds before applying it to your project. This allows it to get hot enough without being too dangerous!

Last but not least, have fun with this craft! There are so many different colors and designs of fringe scissors out there; experiment with what you like the best. By the time summer is over, you’ll have mastered all these easy-to-learn techniques & will be ready to take on your next project!

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