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Two Quick Hacks for Getting The Most Out of Your Hand Tools

More often than not, this is where I found myself as a young apprentice. As I sit here at the old oak desk tapping away on my (insert brand of choice) laptop, writing about hand tools and their relevance to woodworkers, cabinetmakers, and all those involved in making things – I am gripped by a sense of inadequacy – me, the self-proclaimed modern man who worships at the altar of technology.
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How to Make a Full-size Dresser with Only a Table Saw and a Screwdriver

I have always wanted to have a big dresser, not just any dresser, but one that is made of natural wood with dovetailed drawers. I looked around for ideas and learned about the traditional Shaker style, which usually incorporates tapered legs, pegged joints, and ball-and-claw feet. I also examined other types of traditional furniture, but I didn't like any of them. And then it hit me, why do the old stuff when you can make your own?
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