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So you want to get the most money for your house when selling it. Then read on. Although selling a home can be a very emotional process, the key to success is ensuring that your home is in tip-top shape. To give you an idea of what’s involved, here’s a list of some things to keep in mind:

Define your listing price. Get an idea of what you want to get for your house and stick to it! An excellent way to do this is by looking at recent sales in the area and seeing what they went for. If necessary, adjust your price if you haven’t had any interest after a couple of weeks.

Keep your house clean. Remember that first impression is everything. There’s nothing attractive about the words “dirty” or “cluttered.” Make sure to do a thorough cleaning before putting your house on the market.

Fix whatever is broken. No one wants to buy a home with faulty plumbing, leaky roofs, or broken appliances, so be prepared to put everything in order before the sale.

Fix any cosmetic problems your house may have. Although you might not think that the tiny crack by the front door is a big deal, it can be a potential turnoff for some buyers. Make sure to get rid of paint chipping and other cosmetic issues before putting up your house for sale.

Be sure to point out any recent updates to your prospective buyers. This could range from a new roof and windows to furniture and decor. Anything significant or expensive will make you seem like a more reliable seller, whereas minor things will be disregarded as unimportant.

Be ready for showings. If you’ve ever seen the TV show “House Hunters,” you know that buyers usually take only 2-3 days to decide on buying your house. As soon as you get an offer, be ready for showings!

Curb appeal is essential. Remember that the first thing people will see when they pull up to your house is its exterior, so keep it in impeccable shape.

Be honest about your house’s flaws. Try not to exaggerate or lie about anything, no matter how small it might seem. The last thing you’d want is to have a repairman check out your house after the sale and then demand extra money because you didn’t mention that there was a problem with the boiler.

Don’t try to sell your house during the holiday season. People are busy during the holidays, so they won’t be looking to move until after the New Year when things settle down. This means that you might have to wait another six months for your house to sell finally, but keep in mind that nothing moves quickly in this market!

Be ready to deal with offers. It’s important to remember that not everyone who comes in to look at your house will be able to buy it, but that doesn’t mean you should let them walk all over you! Try and get the best offer possible while still being agreeable.

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